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-- Hello, Everyone --

So the last time I updated my journal was about a year ago. A lot of things have changed, since then, and a lot of other things are coming up! To wrap up my last journal post, though; yes, I got the Cintiq 22HD. And yes, it was the best damn investment ever~

But just to catch everyone up over the year, I reopened my blog with a finalized and updated theme (check it out at: )! I wanted to really push the aesthetics of my blog to reflect the art I'd be posting (which is of my personal epic webcomic/story, Pandaemonium!), and I promised on New Years that I'd be posting finished, digital art every week on tumblr. However, as mid-february rolled over, school, work, and everything else INCLUDING art just became too much of a strain to hold on all together, so I was on an art-hiatus up until at least one of those things ended for me.

And... well, college ended! I graduated out with an AA under my belt, and now, I'm back to posting artwork again. :)

But there's still a lot of things going on that I want to at least give you guys an update on:

Weekly Posts on Tumblr: Introducing Characters You've Never Seen Before (May 2015 - July 2015):

  • With Charbonneu being the first post back from my college hiatus, I'm going back to be keeping the promise I made this New Years... which is to post a finished digital art piece of characters that you'll be introduced to in the very beginnings of Pandaemonium! (they're all preliminary, however... as in, they haven't been finalized as of yet). My goal was to have you guys get to know some of the most important characters intimately before the story and arcs start without being confused on who they were; that way, you'd at least have some investment and idea as to who they are, what their goals are, what will be going on, etc. I have characters planned every week in advance for scheduling, however, due to me taking the unexpected hiatus, a lot of characters have been pushed back to October 2015 - December 2015 and onwards. I'm skipping August and September because... well, because of the next brackets.

Upcoming Patreon/Commissions (August 2015) -

  • This August, I'm going to be focusing solely on starting up and opening patreon and commissions. It's not going to be all about self-advertisement, however; I'm going to be working on suitable rewards for patreon, pricing for commissions, setting up a viable and understandable post for both to draw people in, setting and drawing up examples, etc. All in all, it's mostly just going to be another step-away from art, with the focus being on building up a source of substantial revenue for the future. However, I'm really unaware of what exactly my art is worth to you guys (we all know about the argument of Wholesale vs Market Sale), and I also don't want to just abandon you guys again to the mysterious hiatuses that keep on happening. So I'll be hosting a series of livestreams (possibly one every day) in order to keep people inclusive, while also listening to you guy's opinion on what rewards you guys would prefer, and what commission prices you think are the more reasonable. It's my way of trying to keep things alive, while also rewarding my desire to have you guys feel as included in the project as possible.

Artwork Updates to Different Outlets of Networking (September 2015) -

  • The extremely overbearing part of this year is going to be me having to update all the different areas of networking I have available to a much nicer design. I have six blogs (>_>), a twitter, and a youtube that all need updated artwork and design for the plans I have next year, and so, this is going to just be another seemingly haphazard skip of posting personal artwork. But like August, I'm going to be keeping a very tight schedule of trying to enforce at least a daily livestream. And since a lot of these blogs will be featuring art that's relevant to my characters, well... it's a bit of a compromise, for you guys. So it won't be as monotonous and tunnel-visioned as August, but it's still going to be a month of sacrifice, so, again, I apologize.

Back on Track to Posting Art, But Warning of What Is to Come Again (October 2015 - Mainly November/December 2015)

  • I won't be free of school for long. November and December are going to be primetime finals season, and since I'll be transferred to a University, the work and focus will be amped up much more considerably then ever before. So... it's a warning to let you guys know, that while I do still intend to keep my promise... it might not be for long (but, I hope you guys understand, right?)

And Then, of Course... Outlook for 2016

  • Portfolio portfolio portfolio portfolio portfolio portfolio portfolio. The word that could mean the life and death of me ever getting a job. Next year is going to be a harrowing adventure of cracking out portfolio work... it's going to be an onslaught of 30 day challenge practices, me breaking down this list of drawing themes that are teetering over 600 ideas and growing, conceptual art work, internship, summer jobs, etc. Essentially, 2016 is just going to be a clusterfuck of artwork. And it's going to be a beautiful, haphazard mess of excitement and confusion.

This is all only a general direction and idea, however. I'm not guaranteeing things will be exactly like this (hell, it might be entirely different), but this is essentially the general idea of what it's going to be like for all of you guys to witness.

If you guys want a more validated and updated way of keeping up with other off-chance art that isn't all this junk, however, I have an active instagram ( )

And... well, that's it! Hopefully it won't be so busy and bad, but by the end of it, I hope to come out as a better artist!

Sorry for the word vomit, but... tl;dr, expect more artwork (finally)!

- Faust
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United States
Welcome to my deviantArt page!

Faustisse is my third alias as an artist and my second account on deviantArt, as well as being my permanent moniker. My previous account was Juubo, and after I switched over to a new account after holding the last one for five years, I went under the alias Buoyo before changing it to the one I currently hold now.

My nationality is American while my ethnicity is South Korean, I'm 20 years old, and I currently hold an AA in Graphic Arts with intent to pursue a Bachelor of Arts, as well as a Masters in Business (or Communications)!

I mainly draw conceptual art ranging from character design, to settings/culture/races, to worlds and planets, and everything else in between. My dream is to one day be a video game/movie conceptual designer, while also someday launching my own personal webcomic series.

I'm an introvert > ambivert; that being said, I'm very hard to truly get to open up as well as become friends with, but I always encourage a healthy acquaintanceship while also readily remind that I'm a respectful and kind person to those who are always willing to return the favor.

Other than that, browse, +fav, watch, but most importantly, enjoy my art!

Commissions: Closed (temporarily)
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