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Nov 23, 2014
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Nov 22, 2014
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Nov 21, 2014
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Nov 20, 2014
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Do you all watch livestreams? I've often entertained the idea of hosting them without doing so, so I'm curious! 

19 deviants said I love watching livestreams!
4 deviants said Yes! Although I mainly just watch for the drawing/sketching.
3 deviants said I'm not really much of a livestream person, so no.
3 deviants said (Comment)
No deviants said Yeah! Although I mainly just watch for the linearting.
No deviants said Of course! Although I mainly just watch for the coloring.





.**-*~ Stars ~*-**. by Faustisse
.**-*~ Stars ~*-**.

Day 7 - Spoopy Art Challenge - Stars

askjdha! xDD

I’m literally a week behind in art! Hahaha, I’m sorry about that.

I had… I think five papers, and two tests to do, not to mention work in between, so I got swamped. UnU BUT I hope you guys enjoy this picture!

Finished this in last night’s livestream, which was HONETLY soo amazing. Everyone was super sweet, very supportive, and chat never died; it was a very productive night. c:

Anyways, this challenge, I revamped a somewhat old character, Saraj! She’s a blind spotted skunk. :B

Next picture will be an illustration conglomerate of the seven days I’m behind on, all into one massive picture! It’s cheating, I know, but I don’t want to just throw lazy sketches at you guys. xD

Anyway, I hope you enjoy!

If You Want to See the Deviation Without a Watermark, Check it on Tumblr!:…

-.-.-: Mask :-.-.- by Faustisse
-.-.-: Mask :-.-.-

I am a biiiiit late on this one. >>

Anyway! Decided to do this one with some concept work of Lucy.

She was... quite the individual, in the past. ;)

Experimented this time with a brand new brush I created, not to mention I've been slowly getting back into the style of adding textures back onto my drawings. +500 textured pictures saved, and for months I haven't touched them. xD

ANYWAY! I hope you guys enjoy. I wanted to give this as much of a propaganda, sci-fi, war-time spoopyness as I could, and I think I achieved that pretty well!

If You Want to View the Picture Without the Watermark, Check it Out on Tumblr!

.:--- CroW ---:. by Faustisse
.:--- CroW ---:.

Spoopy Challenge - Day 2Crow

… and what better crow then a character who’s haunted the sides of my class papers for years and years and years?

A mysterious enigma, it is. My own personal Cheshire Cat. 

Experimented with a new brush, layer properties, and some texture design. ;3

Multi-eyed phantom crow, anyone?

If You Want to View the Picture Without the Watermark, Check it Out on Tumblr!
~-:. Fall Leaves .:-~ by Faustisse
~-:. Fall Leaves .:-~

Spoopy Art Challenge: Fall Leaves

… even though there’s not even enough leaves on here for it to count as that word.

Ah, well. Anyway! Having some fun this month with the Halloween Art Challenge I reblogged earlier; however, I’m upping the ante! While doing a consecutive drawing for each day of the month, I’m also challenging myself to do each drawing in under three hours. Basically, I’m speed painting everything!

… which isn’t really a challenge for people who are, like, GODS at speed painting, but! I’m new to it. Be gentle with me. xD

Anyways, this is a character design inspired by the first word, Fall Leaves. Was able to accomplish this in two hours, so… woo! xD 

I forgot to do her eyelashes, fff damnit

If You Want to View the Picture Without the Watermark, Check it Out on Tumblr!

EDIT: Updated my tumblr url. Forgot I changed it, hahaha.

So! I mentioned in my directly previous journal that I was putting a slower hold on art because I was focusing more time at work to buy a Cintiw 13hd!

Well, it's been a few months... and I just wanted to let you all know that not only am I getting my Cintiq, but I'm getting a Cintiq 22HD!!

Exciting, yeah? I started working for it back earlier in... February, I believe, so it was five months of constant work. Jesus, hahaa 8'D

I'm looking forward to it. I've been waiting to seriously commit myself to drawing art almost constantly, and getting a cintiq would definitely help, so I'm looking forward to receiving it in the next few days!!

But besides that, I wanted to mention some other things. I've been... more then dead on here, sadly, and a lot of people have watched me since any last, big arts were posted, so I just wanted to let you guys know that I'm, essentially, 100% more active over at my tumblr. If any of you guys want to follow, or stick around, my url is ( )

Not saying that I'm completely abandoning here! But I definitely do not post any sketches, concepts, etc. on here. They're all over at my tumblr and instagram. My deviantart will predominantly be mostly for fanart and completed drawings :B

But... yeah! That's been everything! 8D</b></b>
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Welcome to my deviantArt page!

Faustisse is my third alias as an artist and my second account on deviantArt, as well as being my permanent moniker. My previous account was Juubo, and after I switched over to a new account after holding the last one for five years, I went under the alias Buoyo before changing it to the one I currently hold now.

My nationality is American while my ethnicity is South Korean, I'm 19 years old, and I'm currently getting my AA in Graphic Arts.

I mainly draw conceptual art ranging from character design, to settings/culture/races, to worlds and planets, and everything else in between. My dream is to one day be a video game/movie conceptual designer, while also someday launching my own personal webcomic series.

I'm an introvert > ambivert; that being said, I'm very hard to truly get to open up as well as become friends with, but I always encourage a healthy acquaintanceship while also readily remind that I'm a respectful and kind person to those who are always willing to return the favor.

Other than that, browse, +fav, watch, but most importantly, enjoy my art!

Commissions: Closed (temporarily)
Art Trades: Closed (temporarily)
Requests: Closed Indefinately.


Because I never get the time to do so, I would just like to say that to everyone who thanks me for faving or watching, it's no problem!! Thank you for taking the time to comment on my page!

I hope you all have a very nice day!


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